"We help our customers to become more sustainable."
Rob Mossel CCO

The supply of energy concerns all of us.

“MAIN Energie annually supplies 1.2 terawatt-hours (TWh) – the equivalent of the energy consumption of 350.000 – mainly to corporate clients. An essential component for entrepreneurship. The Dutch economy benefits a lot from this, but it also has a considerable impact on humans and the environment. The premise of CSR is to seek a balance between the three Ps of Planet, People and Profit. Our company believes that ‘People and Planet’-issues mainly provide opportunities for new products, services or processes that benefit the environment, humans and the company.” Dennis Ostendorf, Commercial Director MAIN Energie


As a company, MAIN Energie makes every effort to make the footprint as small as possible.

  • MAIN Energie gives all her customers the opportunity to choose the source of origin. MAIN Energie also stimulates own generation of energy. We inform generators of energy and pay an above-average fee for return of energy. Because electricity generated from solar panels, wind turbines, biomass and other sustainable generation methods are cleaner for the environment.
  • In our efforts to let our customers use energy supplied by us as efficiently and sustainably as possible, they can use myMAIN. This provides the customer a real-time insight in the energy consumption. This allows customers to take necessary measures to optimize their energy consumption. As a result, THEIR energy consumption and OUR footprint will reduce.
  • MAIN Energie is among the first Dutch energy suppliers that allow their green administration to be checked externally. This check is part of our Green Strategy to be transparent about the origin of electricity and gas. By doing this, our products, services and methods contribute to a better environment and the global climate objectives set.

Apart from the energy consumption of our customers, we continuously monitor our own energy consumption and, where possible, we carry out energy-saving measures. Our own business is now practically paperless and our invoicing is entirely digital. Other measures such as climate control, light-saving devices and time switches reduce our energy consumption even further. Our hybrid fleet has recently been extended with a number of fully electric cars.

Our CO2 compensation

  • Minister Stein 4, Germany In this project, the coal gas of the abandoned ‘Minister Stein’ mine is used to generate electricity. At the same time the negative effects on the environment caused by the abandoned mine are reduced.

Stakeholder consultation

MAIN Energie is in constant dialogue with her suppliers, fellow businesses and customers about the manner in which products should be purchased and in how the supply can be made more sustainable. There are face-to-face dialogues about this or via professional associations such as NEDU and EnergieNed.

MAIN Energie conducts an annual customer satisfaction survey among all of her customers. They are asked about issues such as quality of our services, invoicing and contact moments. In 2019, we were rewarded with an 8,2.


Our staff is our most important asset. That is why healthy and satisfied staff is of great importance. Personal attention is essential to achieve optimal results. A significant part of our employees is older than 40 years, among which a number of returners. Obviously, MAIN Energie does not distinguish between gender, ethnicity, religion and age.

Close involvement of the staff in the introduction of new MAIN Energie products is of great importance. To this end, sounding board meetings with employees are organized prior to the introduction. The results are weighed and processed by an independent external party.

Social involvement

In performance of her social responsibility as a national energy supplier, MAIN Energie regularly donates to charity. This included: De Voedselbank, Maag Lever Darm Stichting, WereldOuders, Stichting Het Babyhuis, Fiets voor een Huis, Stichting voor Geestelijk en Maatschappelijk Welzijn Gehandicapten Nederland, Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis, Amsterdam City Swim, Stichting Metakids and Free a Girl.


MAIN Energie also reports externally on her manner of sustainable management. In this context MAIN Energie embraced the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). On this basis, MAIN Energie provides accountability on her results in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship. This makes our company transparent according to internationally respected standards, among others in the field of supply chain responsibility, stakeholder dialogue and social aspects. The annual report is prepared in accordance with GRI.