"You can always call me for energy advice"
Dirk TuithofEnergyspecialist

Personal advice from your energyspecialist

We do way more than just supplying energy. You will get advice from your personal energyspecialist who is directly available for questions regarding energy. After giving you insight about your energy use, we show you how to save on energy. Furthermore, we advice you regarding the legislation.

Charging stations

In 2020 the European Union obliges companies with a new premise and more then 10 parking spots to have at least one charging station. With our charging stations you meet the legislation and make electric driving possible for your visitors and employees.

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Refund energytaxes

Refund energytaxes Companies pay a high amount of energytaxes. This tax is based on the number of connections your company has. Some connections have different aims. Nevertheless, it is possible…
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Wij offer you the possibility to receive invoices digitally. This is easier for your administration, efficiency and environmental friendly.

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Solar management

Choose the right solar energy When you want to make your company more sustainable, one of the options is solar energy. This is an easy way to induce own energy. …
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