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"Personal contact with a transparent advice"

As an entrepreneur you have a lot of things on your mind.  The last thing you need are worries about your energy supply. This is why MAIN Energie provides you your personal MAIN-account manager, whom you can call for all of your questions. He knows you and your business personally, is easily accessible and goes beyond just supplying energy. Look, that is one of MAIN! Read more

MAIN Energie makes energy visible. The MAIN-account manager does business with you in a transparent and personal way. You do not have to tell your story again and again, he knows your situation and continues to do so. He is not into tacit renewals but he will contact you personally three months before your contract expires. The MAIN-account manager will visit you with a competitive new proposal.

You can check your energy consumption in an orderly way in the myMAIN environment. You can also use our special application MAINpoort which enables you to monitor your energy consumption within your company real-time, you can stop unnecessary consumption and you can immediately start saving money.

In addition, you will receive transparent and orderly invoices by MAIN Energie on a monthly basis. An energy invoice is already difficult enough sometimes.

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Why MAIN Energie?

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Your personal account manager

You have personal contact with your own account manager. No waiting times and selection menus.

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No tacit renewal

Well before the end of your contract you will receive a new competitive proposal. That is the MAIN way of doing business

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24/7 insight into your consumption

mijnMAIN and the new MAINpoort app provide real-time insight into and grip on your energy consumption.

Our energy

MAIN Energie believes that transparency is very important. That is why we offer you, as a customer, the opportunity to choose from various contract forms and sources of energy.

Would you like to receive a personal proposal?

MAIN Energie solely does business with you personally. We believe that every customer is unique and should be treated that way. That is why you, as a customer, always get personal advice, focused on your situation. Therefore, you can be assured that our service is always customized.

Would you like to make a personal appointment? Please leave your details so one of our account managers can contact you. That is doing business with MAIN!