Friso Building Group

Up to three years ago, it was always a challenge for us to provide our construction sites with a temporary energy connection. That meant that we had countless temporary energy contracts. A very opaque situation that involved red tape.

A friend who was familiar with this problem then linked us to MAIN. Dirk Tuithof, the regional account manager who lives in Heerenveen, soon came to our table. And to be honest, we were amazed at the customization they could provide us. Dirk told us that with their free registration and deregistration module we could easily arrange the temporary connections ourselves. And that at a pre-agreed annual rate, something that other suppliers could not offer. It seemed too good for words, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The big advantage of this custom registration and deregistration module is that, as soon as you have an EAN code, you can register the temporary connection (s) literally with just a few clicks. It really is a piece of cake.

We have a fixed annual rate for these temporary connections on our construction sites. We were not used to that either. Because usually we work with a flexible and therefore often more expensive rate. What is also very nice is that when we call the MAIN customer team at the office, we are always approached in a friendly and positive manner and people go to great lengths to resolve our questions immediately. Usually that works, so after a phone call you do not have to set up a whole mail exchange to get something arranged. Very practical and very pleasant.

Gas for Friso Bouwgroep

MAIN now also supplies gas to the complete Friso Bouwgroep. We try to arrange as many things as possible for the various operating companies centrally at our head office in Sneek. Within our group, the disciplines work closely together where possible and necessary. This is the strength of our construction group. We make the difference with other construction companies. The six operating companies are therefore not separate parts, but a close-knit club, each with its own characteristics and specific professional knowledge.