Plinths & Profiles Centrale (PPC)

Wholesale Plinths & Profiles Centrale (PPC) is an indispensable part of the world of parquetry and other floor specialists in the Netherlands and Belgium. What started as a sole proprietorship has grown into a company with 115 employees and four branches. Project manager Harold de Graaf gives a glimpse into the kitchen of this market leader where the customer always comes first and that continues to innovate.

Our founder Drees Klaassen worked until 1999 as a seller at a large laminate company. He saw that skirting boards were the neglected child in the flooring industry. Skirting suitable for floors was difficult to obtain or only in large quantities. Drees saw possibilities, founded PPC and started supplying skirting boards individually at a competitive price. That turned out to be a gap in the market and within two years we drove all over the Netherlands and PPC turned a profit. In the past 18 years we have grown into a total supplier for the flooring industry. For example, we have a matching plinth from stock for every floor. In addition, PPC has considerably expanded the range with floors in wood, PVC and laminate, edge finishing and products for installation, finishing and maintenance.

Online option

Customers can also order online from us until midnight and the order will be delivered by ourselves the next day. Of course, more companies do that nowadays, but we were the first in our industry to do that. With our management system, we are so flexible that if a customer at the last minute (even if we are already at the door) decides not to purchase a product, we simply do not unload it. Then there will be no invoice or credit, this saves a lot of paperwork and that means convenience for our customers.

PPC should be seen as an extension of the parqueter’s warehouse. That is why we are very happy with our new building in Wijk bij Duurstede with 16,000 m2 of storage. We have so much space and stock in it that we never have to sell no. There are also many parquet planners who start the day in one of our branches as standard. There is also a considerable stock at home. They load their order and go straight to the customer. Why would you still have a warehouse for yourself?