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Corporate electricity rates

As the energy partner of business Netherlands, we are pleased to offer you competitive rates and quality service. Because the energy market is subject to various influences, energy prices change every moment. In addition, the rates also depend on the wishes of your company and the term you have chosen. We therefore make a personalized proposal for each company.

If you are interested, please contact us at klantteam@mainenergie.nl or 085 580 2406. You can also leave your details so that we can call you back.

Below we will also explain how your energy bill is structured.


Structure energy costs

The costs for Corporate Energy are made up of three components: supply costs, grid costs and government levies. The diagram below displays how the costs for energy come about.*

Supply costs
For the supply of electricity and gas you pay per unit: electricity per kilowatt hour (kWh) and gas per cubic meter (m³). The fixed supply costs (our administration costs) amount € 6,50 per month per connection excl. 21% VAT for electricity. For gas, the fixed supply costs are the same. When you purchase electricity in combination with gas, the total supply costs amount € 13,00 per month excl. 21% VAT (in case of one electricity connection and one gas connection).

Grid costs
For grid costs you pay a fixed amount for the maintaining and sustaining of your connection.
You can find the current rates of your grid operator on the website of the relevant grid operator. You can find the grid operator by using your postal code at EAN-codeboek.

You also pay for your meter. The meter forms a part of the electrical installation. It is the terminus of the electricity transport by the regional grid operator. After this it is your responsibility. The weight of the meter and the associated rental price are connected with the weight of the rest of the installation.

The corresponding metering services comprise the transmission of the metering data to the grid operator.

Government levies
The value added tax (VAT), energy tax and premium sustainable energy are determined by the government.

Energy tax and premium sustainable energy
Energy tax (EB) must be paid on electricity and natural gas. From January 1st 2013, premium sustainable energy (ODE) must also be paid. ODE is a government levy which aims to fill the grant funds from where the grants are paid for among other things PV cells and wind turbines. You can find the amount of the energy tax and premium sustainable energy below.

Energy tax 2022 excluding VAT (for the time being)
Electricity (kWh) Natural gas (m³)
0 – 10.000 € 0,03679 0 – 170.000 € 0,36322
10.001 – 50.000 € 0,04361 170.000 – 1 mln € 0,06632
50.001 – 10 mln € 0,01189 1 mln – 10 mln € 0,02417
More than 10 mln € 0,00057 More than 10 mln € 0,01298

You can download A Request Refund Energy Tax on the website of the Tax Authority.

Premium sustainable energy 2022 excluding VAT (for the time being)
Electricity (kWh) Natural gas (m³)
0 – 10.000 € 0,03050 0 – 170.000 € 0,08650
10.001 – 50.000 € 0,04180 170.000 – 1 mln € 0,02390
50.001 – 10 mln € 0,02290 1 mln – 10 mln € 0,02360
More than 10 mln € 0,00050 More than 10 mln € 0,02360

Feed-in energy

MAIN Energie stimulates the generation of green electricity. We do this by assisting and advising our customers. Most companies in SME have a small scale generation connection. In this case, the fed-in electricity is balanced. This means that you pay the same price for the fed-in electricity as you pay for the purchased electricity, including energy tax. For more information regarding the fed-in of personal  generation, please check the heading Feed-in. Or ask your question by telephone or fill in the contact form.