"We provide customized advice for different sectors."
Energyspecialist at MAIN

Energypartner for companies

Since 2003 we supply energy and advice to companies. Since every company acts in a different sector and has different demands when it comes to energy we also appraoch every sector by itself. Therefore we have energyspecialists who have specific knowledge of sectors and its demands. We  divided them into Real Estate, Business, Asian market and Agricultural market.

Next to our speicific knowledge, we also developed specific innovative services who provide insight in energy use.  These service help companies to save on energy and become more sustainable.

Furthermore, Companies have to face more legislation from the Dutch government and European Union regarding energy. We make sure you always meet the legislation so your company is ready for the future.

Main Energie Ed Roele Vastgoed Nederland

Real estate

We have a lot of experience and knowledge about real estate. Thanks to our innovative services and advice, your real estate keeps its value and meets the legislation regarding to energy.

Main Energie Erik Dolfing tussenpersoon energieleverancier


We are rather an energy partner instead of an energy supplier. We have developed innovative services that give inisght in the energy use of your company and we advice you how to save energy.

Asian market

The Asian market has a personal identity. Our energyspecialists speak Chinese, know the culture and the market.

Main-energie Energiepartner Rob Agrarisch


The Agricultural market has a specific energy need. Your personal energyspecialist with agricultural knowledge will advice you to become more sustainable and meet the legislation.