"It is important to my customers that I understand their market."
Rob van den BrandEnergyspecialist Agricultural

Your energypartner with agricultural knowledge

The Agricultural market has a specific energy need. Each situation is different and requires customization. For example, the use of green electricity is often rewarded with extra points by the dairies. We know these things. MAIN Energie provides a personal and transparent advice at the kitchen table.

As a customer of MAIN Energie you have your own personal energyspecialist who has experience in the agricultural sector and knows your specific energy wishes and needs. You also get advice about the energy legislation your company has to deal with. By becoming more sustainable, we offer you the opportunity to pick the source of origin of your choice. This enables you to ensure the sustainability of your premises.

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We solely do business with you personally at MAIN Energie. If you would like to receive a proposal, please leave your details so one of our energyspecialists can contact you.  He will learn to know your energy needs in a personal meeting. And subsequently your personal energyspecialist can make you a competitive and transparent, customized proposal.

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