"Our customers like to do business with someone they know and understands their company and market."

We are familiar with the market

The Asian market has a personal identity. Our energyspecialists speak Chinese, know the culture and the market. It is not a coincidence that MAIN Energie is THE energy supplier for mainly Chinese entrepreneurs in the sectors restaurants, hotels, cafetarias, real estate and retail.

As a customer of MAIN Energy you are directly in contact with your personal energyspecialist who gives advice about energysaving and is available for all your questions regarding energy . We also advice you about the legislation your company has to deal with. Therefore, you will have no worries about energy anymore.

Would you like to receive a personal proposal?

We solely do business with you personally at MAIN Energie. If you would like to receive a proposal, please leave your details so one of our energyspecialists can contact you.  He will learn to know your energy needs in a personal meeting. And subsequently your personal energyspecialist can make you a competitive and transparent, customized proposal.

Our Energyspecialists

Kin Nan Tang

Sales manager Aziatisch

Ting Hu

Energiespecialist Aziatische markt

Guang Su

Energiespecialist Aziatische markt

Tinlung Mak

Energiespecialist Aziatische markt