"Your invoices are automatically executed by software. That is efficient and sustainable"

Making your administration sustainable

MAIN Energie provides invoices on paper, as a PDF in an email attachment and as a digital file. A special UBL E-invoice (Electronic Invoice) was developed for the energy market for the digital version commissioned by the government in 2015. This standard was published by the end of 2015, led by TNO together with the energy sector. MAIN Energie offers this digital invoice to any interested customer. The E-invoice offers great advantages because a number of traditional manual processing steps can be skipped. Well-known accounting software such as Exact already offers the possibility to process E-invoices.

More and more MAIN business customers ask for an E-invoice instead of a paper or digital (pdf) invoice. An E-invoice can directly be read in the administration of the recipient, after automatic approval. Manually entering data is no longer necessary, which saves time and possible errors. Electronic invoicing also contributes to the further sustainability of your administration. A substantial improvement in efficiency AND good for the environment

Why switch to E-invoice?

If you receive invoices from MAIN Energie, but also from grid operators or metering companies, you only need to use one invoice format with this standard. This is an advantage because uniformity is created in your administration and the switch to MAIN Energie is even easier. Check here if your current accounting software is suitable for the processing of E-invoices.

Benefits of one single standard

E-invoices offer a number of benefits for both the sender and for you as a receiver. As the number of invoices that need to be exchanged increases, the advantage of the use of this standard increases as well. There are many companies that make use of an IT service provider to edit paper invoices or pdf invoices to create files that can be read. If your financial system can process the UBL standard, this processing operation is no longer needed. By making use of the E-invoice you can thus save a lot of money.

How can I make use of eInvoice?

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