"Does your company meet the legislation? We gladly help you."
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Meet the energy legislation

Companies have to face more legislation from the Dutch government and European Union regarding energy. Also, opportunities in energy are increasing. For example electric cars, solar panels and grants who can be applicable to your company. We help you with our knowledge as your energypartner. Together we check which possibilities are interesting for your company and we advice you about how to meet legislations so you can avoid possible fines from the government.

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Customized report

In four steps to zero usage. In 2023 buildings have to meet legislation from the European Union. To monitor your energy use and reduce CO2-emission we developed a four step plan.

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Personal approach

You have your own personal energy specialist who is directly accessible for questions regarding energy and advice for your company.


MAIN Energie

MAIN Energie

Region Nederland

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MAIN EnergyScan

The Environmental Management Act and the Energy Agreement (Climate Agreement ensure that buildings have to meet higher requirements. As an entrepreneur, more and more is expected of you. But of course your main focus is your company. That is why we have developed the MAIN EnergieScan for you!