We provide your company charging stations so you meet the legislation.

Charging stations for the business market

In 2020 the European Union obliges companies with a new premise and more then 10 parking spots to have at least one charging station.  This means your company might have to invest in charging stations. Of course you search for a suitable solution for this. As an energypartner for busines we can supply these for your company.

Sustainable energy solution

Placing charging station at your office(s) is a great way to ensure an efficient and innovative parking for your company and to contribute to a green and more sustainable future at the same time.

Easy and smart

We combine all your charging stations at one platform, nonetheless the location, brand or type of the charging station. This is also easy for your administration since you receive all the payments on just one invoice instead of different invoices from several providers. Our charging stations are also feature software that can charge in a smart way to avoid grid reinforcements.


With this unique platform you can easily expand in the number of charging stations for your company. We gladly advice and help you achieving your ambitions with regard to charging stations. With our charging stations you meet the legislation and you make it possible for your visitors and employees to drive electric. Furthermore, with the proceeds of the charging stations you earn back the investment shortly.

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