With Energymanagement you can use your energy even more efficiently

Optimizing your energy use

Your company uses energy in several ways. This also means you can save on several ways. With our knowledge we help you to lower your energy consumption and avoid unnecessary energy costs. You can save on your energy by getting insight in your data during holidays, outside of opening hours etc. With EnergyManagement in myMAIN you could realize this.

Holiday management

During holidays most companies are closed.  Therefore, your energy use should be lower on those days then on a regular working day. We provide you with an insight of the energy use so we can compare both data. Then we can check if there are possibilities to lower the energy use.

Opening hours management

This gives you an insight in your energy use during opening hours and outside opening hours. By comparing these data we can check if there are possibilities to lower the energy use.


If your company has a large-scale consumption connection you could save energy costs as well by checking which peak your grid operator reserved for you. It could be that this peak is set to high and therefore you could pay too much. Maybe by saving energy, this peak can be downsized so you have lower costs.

Energymanagement for your company?

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