"With more insight you know where to save energy."
Pascal PaulussenEnergyspecialist

Saving energy thanks to insight

Without an insight in your energy use you don’t know which possibilities your company has to save energy. Therefore we offer several innovative service that show energy data of your company. After having an insight in your energy use we advice you which measures your company can take.

Innovative services

Innovative products and services developed by MAIN. Thanks to our innovative services you have a clear insight in your energy data and can control your energy use.


Energy scope provides a real-time and 24/7 insight in the amount of energy consumed by tenants in your premises.

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As a company with a large scale consumption connection you can get more and insight on your energy data and save money on your meter.

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Personal approach

You have your own personal energy specialist who is directly accessible for questions regarding energy and advice for your company.


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