"Every company is unique. That is why we give every one a customized advice."
Jaco HendriksenEnergyspecialist

Personal advice regarding saving energy for your company

As a customer of MAIN Energy you are directly in contact with your personal energyspecialist and can make use of innovative services that provide you an insight in your energy use. But what is the next step when you have an insight in your energy data? Your personal energyspecialist advices you about the steps to take. A special plan will be made for your company that meets the exact demand regarding energy. Especially avoinding unnecessary energy use, and therefore unnecessary energy costs is interesting for your comapny. We for example check your energy usage out of the working hours and how to make your building more sustainable.

MAIN EnergyScan

With the MAIN EnergieScan you take the first step to meet the Energy Efficiency notification obligation. This helps you to avoid a fine from the government.

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A lot of ways to save energy are available. Nevertheless, some easy ways to save energy might not be obvious. We can help you obtain this knowledge.

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