"No one wants unnecessary high costs of energy. That is why we monitor it."
Kees de JongKey accountmanager at MAIN

Insight in energy use

Did you knew energycosts are one of the largest costs of a company? You are probably searching for an energysupplier with a low rate. Nevertheless, saving on your energy use is more interesting.  That is exactly what we can do for our clients with advice from our personal energyspecialists and innovative tools to give you insight in your energy data.  With this insight  you can see what the possibilities can be for your company to save energy and become more sustainable.

We have several services to give you insight in your energy data.

Innovative services

MAIN EnergyScan

The Environmental Management Act and the Energy Agreement (Climate Agreement ensure that buildings have to meet higher requirements. As an entrepreneur, more and more is expected of you. But of course your main focus is your company. That is why we have developed the MAIN EnergieScan for you!