Get insight in the energy use of your tenants.

Energyscope, the digital additional meter

The real estate market is a dynamic world where tenant exchanges and mutations are commonplace. In view of the recurring issue of passing on the real energy consumption of tenants, we have developed ‘Energy scope’ in close cooperation with our real estate customers. This is THE ‘all-in-one’ additional meter service for remote monitoring of the energy consumption per tenant.

Charging service costs

Energy scope provides a real-time and 24/7 insight in the amount of energy consumed by tenants in your premises. Then you can view the energy consumption in myMAIN and charge the relevant tenants for the service costs based on these data. Energy scope is also suitable for the monitoring of gas, heat and water consumption.

Comply with regulations

Energy scope helps you to interpret current and future laws and regulations. As for example, the mandatory (per January first 2023) energy label C for offices premises, the EED (Energy Efficiency Directive of the European Union) or the Activities Decree of the Environmental Protection Act.

Energy scope for your company

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Energyscope for your company

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