You have a free choice as a large scale consumption connection company.

Save money on your meter

If your company has a large-scale consumption connection, you will receive three different invoices. One from your energy supplier, one from your grid operator and one from your metering company. You are free to choose your energy supplier, but not your network operator because that is linked to a region. What you probably did not know is that you are free to choose a metering company now. This offers benefits for your company. That is why we offer MAINmeters!

Insight in your large-scale consumption

MAINmeters offers you, as a large consumer, more insight than just your monthly energy consumption, namely also per hour, per day and per week! Of course your consumption is also available in your personal my MAIN environment. This insight offers you the opportunity to save on your energy costs because you can prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

Less administration for your company

If you, next to your energy, choose for MAINmeters as well, you will receive these on one invoice. This will make your administration more clear since you will have one less invoice flow. So you will deal with just one company and you can always contact your personal account manager directly.

All your metering services on one invoice

The property market is a dynamic world where changes are the order of the day. Buildings change owners regularly, but you will always be attached to your traditional metering company for at least five years. Therefore, we listened carefully to our real estate owners and they have helped us to understand the importance of flexibility in the field of energy meters. Thanks to MAIN meters, you, as a real estate party, have this freedom for your large-scale electricity connections. MAIN meters provides the opportunity to conclude a one-year contract for your large-scale electricity meter. This will save you a fine from your electricity meter operator in case your portfolio is sold within five years. In addition, MAIN Energie provides one invoice for both the energy supply and the metering services. Easy does it!

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