"How much energy do you use while your company is closed?"

Control over your energy

Energy costs are a significant part of your operating costs. Research among our business customers showed that next to saving energy, they also want to have more control over their energy consumption. MAINpoort gives you an actual grip on your consumption. In the MAINpoort app you set values yourself for the desired energy consumption. Are the set values exceeded? Then you will receive notifications so you can take immediate action.  So our MAINpoort app gives you an insight into and a grip on your gas and power consumption!

Real-time insight into your energy consumption

MAINpoort works through a smart meter. All your energy data are directly transferred to the app. Then MAINpoort provides real-time data so you can look into your energy consumption always and everywhere.

Check your consumption

You can add any location to MAINpoort. By doing this you can compare your business locations. In case of three similar bakeries, you can compare which location shows abnormal energy consumption. This transparent overview shows you exactly which location needs energy saving measures.

Minimize your standby consumption

Some equipment is always switched on because it is necessary for your business. This is your standby consumption. MAINpoort provides an insight into the standby consumption of your company. This enables you to try to minimize your consumption so that you can save money on this.

Take immediate action

In MAINpoort you can set the values that are significant for the consumption in your company. For example, have you accidentally left the air-conditioning or lighting on? The MAINpoort app will send you a message related to the increased consumption and this enables you to take immediate action.  This will create clarity in your energy costs.

How to get MAINpoort for my company?

Contact us or your personal energyspecialist.