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Responding to energy legislation with the MAIN EnergieScan

The Environmental Management Act and the Energy Agreement (Climate Agreement ensure that buildings have to meet higher requirements. As an entrepreneur, more and more is expected of you. But of course your main focus is your company. That is why we have developed the MAIN EnergieScan for you!

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Our expertise

Do you want to know how well your company is prepared with a view to future legislation and regulations? As THE energy supplier for the business market, we are happy to help you! Your personal MAIN account manager will make an appointment with you to discuss the MAIN Energiescan. Your consumption is compared with other companies in your industry so we can anticipate your situation!

How does it work?

Your account manager will visit you to screen your building using the MAIN EnergieScan. Together we will examine which energy-saving measures are interesting for you. You can implement these measures to reduce the energy consumption of your building. With the measures recommended by the Energiescan that may follow, your building will comply with current and future legislation and regulations.

Your personal MAIN EnergieScan for your company

Are you interested? Please contact your personal account manager!