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"Doing innovative business with MAIN"

MAINnovations are future-oriented innovative products AND services, developed by MAIN that will help you in doing future business! Our MAINnovations enable you to have an easy and transparent insight into your energy consumption. You have real-time data available to monitor your consumption and to stop unnecessary consumption. This makes saving on energy costs a lot easier. Click the various MAINnovations below for more information.

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MyMAIN provides an easy and transparent insight into your energy consumption.

We have developed myMAIN in close cooperation with our customers. In this online environment you have a clear insight into your own energy data.


The application MAINpoort provides you real-time data so you can monitor your energy consumption, you can stop unnecessary consumption and you can start saving immediately. It provides an insight into the energy consumption of your business premises. MAINpoort offers you, among other things, the opportunity to compare multiple locations and provides a real-time insight into your energy consumption. In addition, you can also set different notifications that can be received at your mobile device. For example, a warning when the energy consumption is too high. The displayed consumption data are real-time, so you can make adjustments immediately.

Energy scope

Energiescope is THE ‘all-in-one’ additional meter service for remote monitoring of the energy consumption per tenant. This makes it possible to charge the relevant tenants for the service costs based on these data.

Charging stations

In cooperation with EV-Box you can contact us for charging solutions for electric cars and e-bikes in the office or at home. This charging station is fully modular and therefore easy to update with all (future) technological developments. The charging stations of EV-Box do not only have a modular construction, they also have online connectivity. This means that EV-Box does not only guarantee a strong and durable design, but is also enables easy maintenance and remote upgrades. All EV-Box charging stations are universal and can be used for any electric vehicle, at any location and at any time of the day.

With the “Charge as a Service” solution we take care of everything at a low monthly fee.

Are you interested? Please contact your account manager for more information.


MAIN Energie provides the opportunity to receive your invoices in a digital format. Since late 2015, a special UBL format energy invoice has been developed by and for the sector and managed by TNO. Main Energie offers this e-invoice. The major advantage is that almost no human intervention is needed anymore to process these invoices. A substantial improvement in efficiency and it is better for the environment.

For more information about this digital e-invoice, please contact your account manager.

If you want to know more about this invoice format, you can find additional information here.


For a flexible purchase of your electricity and gas, you can make use of our innovative solution: EnergyClick. This module provides a simple insight into the (price) developments of the current energy market. Together with your personal account manager you will determine a secure purchasing strategy that meets your needs. Depending on the strategy you can define your own purchase moments through EnergyClick on the ICE Endex energy exchange. You can also use the MAIN Energie market reports that provide an insight into the developments and influences on the energy market. This provides a transparent picture of your energy costs, both in the past and in the future.

For more information please contact your personal account manager.


If your company has a large-scale consumption connection, you will receive three different invoices. One from your energy supplier, one from your grid operator and one from your metering company. You are free to choose your energy supplier, but not your network operator because that is linked to a region. What you probably did not know is that you are free to choose a metering company now. This offers benefits for your company. That is why we offer MAINmeters!