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"Energy at home"

Energy costs contribute substantially to the monthly fixed costs of a household. Therefore, you would prefer the energy supply at home to be cheap and possibly green. We fully understand. Therefore, we offer Home Energy: cheap and sustainable energy for private individuals.

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Why MAIN Energie?

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Competitive rates

You will never pay too much for electricity or gas. Thanks to our purchasing strategy we can offer you competitive rates

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100% green energy

We supply 100% green electricity and offer you the possibility to purchase CO2 compensated gas. This enables you to ensure the sustainability of your premises.

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Clear offer

We like to think with our clients and propose them a new offer before their contract ends

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Our energy

We offer the possibility to choose between different maturities and energy sources. 

Would you like to receive a proposal?

Are you interested in additional information about MAIN Energie Home for a customized proposal? Our staff of the Account Team is happy to be of assistance. Please call: 0031-88 - 08 09 100 or send an email to

If you want a contract with MAIN Energie for the supply of electricity and/or gas we will, depending on your financial situation, request financial securities, such as the payment of a deposit.  This deposit will not exceed the amount that you will probably have to pay on average for supply according to MAIN Energie over a period of six months.  A deposit will be refunded as soon as possible after the need for security no longer exists and in any case no later than six weeks after the final invoice on termination of the agreement, after deduction of the amount that should possibly be paid.

If you ask us for an offer, we will ask you a number of questions in order for us to make you a good offer. The information we need to make you a personal offer includes, among other things, your last known annual consumption. You can find this on your latest annual invoice or on your personal web page of your current energy supplier. If we can base our offer on your latest annual invoice, our offer will give you the best estimate of the to be expected costs. Because a number of components of your energy invoice are dependent on the region, we also need your postal code to make this the best possible estimate. Finally, it is helpful if you indicate that you choose for a single rate or a normal and off-peak rate.

If you do not have your latest annual consumption available, we can help you anyway. If you give us permission, we will request this information for you from the central register in which this is stored.  If you prefer that we use your data for making an offer, we can make an offer based on an average normally used by us. In this case, unfortunately, the calculated costs say less about the expected costs for your situation. Good to know: the applied consumption is always stated in our offer.  

MAIN Energie Model Contract

From July 1st 2012, MAIN Energie offers the Model Contract for electricity and gas. The Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) – formerly the Dutch Competition Authority (NMa) – has established and approved this contract. The Model Contract enables consumers to easily compare the model contracts of various energy suppliers.

  • 100% green electricity
  • Permanent contract
  • Termination without penalty

Variable energy rates

The MAIN Energie Model Contract is an energy contract with variable energy rates. We adapt your rate to the market rate once every six months.         

Termination without obligation

You enter into the MAIN Energie Model Contract for an indefinite period. So you are not tied to a maturity. Do you want to terminate the contract? The notice period is 30 days without any additional costs.

Rates Model Contract

Electricity rates

Below you find the promotional rates of MAIN Energie on electricity. MAIN Energie supplies 100% green electricity.

Sample Model Contract
Here you can download a MAIN Energie sample Model Contract.


Click here for the promotional rates of MAIN Energie on electricity and gas. MAIN Energie supplies 100% green electricity.