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"We are the energy specialist for real estate"

Since 2003, MAIN Energie has been the energy supplier for real estate. The secret of our success is our personal approach and innovative services. As a customer you have a personal BREEAM certified account manager, specialized in real estate. You can contact him directly if you have any questions. So no selection menus and waiting times. Together with your account manager you determine your own energy purchasing strategy. Your expertise of the market combined with ours will result in the best energy purchase for your premises. Supplying energy with specific and thorough knowledge of the real estate market, that is doing business with MAIN.

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Our services

With your personal accountmanager you can pick the source of origin of your choice. We also supply 100 percent green energy with additional costs. This is accredited by CertiQ. There is also the possibility to purchase electricity through wind energy in the Netherlands or Europe or from Dutch biomass. We also supply CO2 compensated gas at low additional costs. This ensures the sustainability of your premises. Your BREEAM certified account manager also gives you non-committal advice on the sustainability of your premises. Additionally, MAIN Energie offers the possibility of  GRESB advice.

myMAIN provides you insight into your energy compensation at a glance. Through this online environment you have insight into all your locations with just one login code. You can simply subscribe and unsubscribe your premises.

You can also compare the energy consumption of your premises and act on it when needed. Our new MAINpoort app provides a real-time overview in your energy consumption anytime and anywhere. Additionally, you receive notifications when your premises have an extraordinary energy consumption.

Naturally, we tailor our invoicing to your needs. A collective invoice for all premises? Or would you like to specify reference numbers, building names or other characteristics? MAIN will arrange it. Your personal account manager is happy to advice you on the possibilities of digital invoicing adapted to your own invoicing system. Invoices can be found in the portal in digital form.

Why MAIN Energie?

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Your personal account manager.

You will have your personal BREAAM certified account manager, whom you can contact directly. Just doing business directly with one person, as it should be.

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Simply subscribe and unsubscribe your premises

In myMAIN, especially developed for Real Estate customers, you can subscribe and unsubscribe your premises, you have an insight into all your locations and you can compare premises.

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Pick the source of origin of your choice

We offer you the opportunity to pick the source of origin of your choice. This enables you to ensure the sustainability of your premises.

Our energy

Within our customized solution ‘for Real Estate’ we can offer you energy at low cost by large scale and efficient purchasing. A balanced purchasing pattern is accomplished by clustering the energy profiles. Together with your account manager you determine the best purchasing strategy and the right time of purchase. By doing this, you do not have to worry about volume purchasing obligations.

You receive a green certificate for each location. This makes it visible for you and your tenant that there is green electricity supplied in your premises. The supply of green energy is checked by the government.

Would you like to receive a personal proposal?

We solely do business with you personally at MAIN Energie. If you would like to receive a proposal, please leave your details so one of our account managers can contact you.  He will learn to know your energy needs in a personal meeting. And subsequently your personal account manager can make you a competitive and transparent, customized proposal. That is doing business with MAIN.