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"Doing business together"

Supplying energy with personal service. We have been doing this for the business market since 2003. How do we do this? Together with your account manager you explore the energy matters of your company and he provides a customized competitive proposal. Non-binding. Because doing business with MAIN Energie is more than just energy supply.

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Why MAIN Energie?

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Your personal account manager

You have personal contact with your own account manager. No waiting times and selection menus.

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No tacit renewal

Well before the end of your contract you will receive a new competitive proposal. That is the MAIN way of doing business

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24/7 insight into your consumption

myMAIN and the new MAINpoort app provide real-time insight into and grip on your energy consumption.

Our specializations

Our customers are in various markets and sectors. Each with their own needs and desires in the field of energy. With our knowledge and experience we have specified various customer groups and developed our own way of doing business.


As an entrepreneur you have a lot of things on your mind. That is why your personal account manager takes care of your energy matters. That is doing business with MAIN.



The Agricultural market has a specific energy need that requires customization. Our account managers with an agricultural background think along with you.


Asian market

The Asian market has a distinctive identity. Our account managers are familiar with the culture and the market and speak the language.

Asian market

Our energy

MAIN Energie believes that transparency is very important. That is why we offer you, as a customer, the opportunity to choose from various contract forms and sources of energy.

MAIN Energie solely does business with you personally. We believe that every customer is unique and should be treated that way. That is why you, as a customer, always get personal advice, focused on your situation. Therefore, you can be assured that our service is always customized.

Would you like to make a personal appointment? Please leave your details so one of our account managers can contact you. That is doing business with MAIN!